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Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Learn why Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority chose Enivation Digital Scanning and Archiving to create a place for their members to take a trip down memory lane!


Why did you choose Enivation?

We really wanted a place for our members to easily view all of our historical publications. One of the most important functions and needs that we had when making our decision, was finding a place that would host a fully searchable database. After discussing our digital archiving needs, we really felt Enivation was able to meet and exceed our expectations.

How has your organization benefitted from using these services?

Our members are now able to view all of our printed publications, which date back to 1923.  I think it has been something people have enjoyed looking through and see old photos of the early years of our organization. The magazines are such a great read, and to be able to share that with our entire membership at the touch of their mouse or keyboard is truly remarkable. We look forward to adding to our archives.

How have your customer or members benefitted from your choice to use Enivation’s services?

In November of this year, Phi Sigma Sigma will celebrate our 100th anniversary. To celebrate and highlight this milestone we wrote a history book. While our author was writing the book, she loved having the ability to digitally view and search our archives. The digital archives also make it very easy to feature different past articles in current e-newsletters and stories.

How will Enivation’s overall solution continue to benefit your organization in the future?

Phi Sigma Sigma has an abundance of historical documents that we look forward to archiving on our website through Enivation in the future.

“Overall, I just enjoy being able to sit back and read about what was happening with my sisters in the 1930s, 40s or any year and now I have the ability to easily do so. Enivation was able to create a place for our members to go and take a trip down memory lane. The website is very easy to navigate – it is great for members of all ages!”

Phi Sigma Sigma

Communications Manager
Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority