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The Power of Your PDF
Enivation - Print, Flipbook and Archive

Your organization has a variety of needs in order to communicate effectively with all of your members. You want all of your publications and documents scanned and archived, making them accessible and searchable from anywhere in the world. You want your new publications printed and distributed and you also want to provide a digital flipbook version as an alternative for your diverse membership.

It can become quite the hassle to coordinate all of those solutions with multiple vendors. Enivation has your back! With a single PDF, Enivation can bundle all of those services together saving you money and giving you more time to handle what matters most – engaging your membership.

Print & Mail

Backed by 60 years of great customer service and accurate, on-time delivery, NPC prints quality 4-color magazines and newsletters, and provides full-service in-house print and mail services, including a USPS-certified postal facility that produces and mails over 120 million pieces each year!

Digital Flipbook Publishing

Turn your print-ready books, newsletters, catalogs, brochures or magazines into interactive online publications with real page-turning features and complete text-searchable pages.

Archive & Share

Transform your magazines and journals with Enivation's scanning and archiving solution that takes older, sensitive physical publications and turns them into a fully searchable online digital library. Share your organization's history with anyone, anywhere with our hosted Web option.

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