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Project Funding


Enivation's archiving and scanning solution has already benefitted many organizations. Providing access to their complete, historic archives has given organizations the opportunity to enhance the engagement of its membership worldwide. However, as with any large project, being able to fund the initiative can be a challenge. Here are three ways our clients have been able to successfully secure funding for their projects.

Financial Planning

Knowing that Phi Kappa Tau had many chapter centennials and other anniversary milestones coming up within the next few years, they wanted to enhance those celebrations by making over 100 years of their publication, The Laurel, accessible to its brothers worldwide. Through strategic financial planning, they were able to pull it off.

Donor Gift

At times, organizations may find that members within their own organizations realize the benefit the Enivation solution can provide. That was certainly the case with Pi Kappa Alpha when one of its very own members offered to lead the funding initiative. They’ve even been able to solicit more funding toward the second phase of the project!

Foundation Grant

Wanting to complete the project in time for its annual national convention, Alpha Delta Pi didn’t have the time to survey membership or plan for next year, but they were able to tap into the financial resources of their Foundation side. With a grant secured, they were able to get the project done in time!